K spotlight and a huge debut!

Hey Inkbots,

I hope you've been enjoying our month long celebration. So far we've debuted our new HTML viewer for both mallville and Womp. We have also debuted my new online novel "Outside My Window." 

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K spotlight:

I have a confession to make. I know very little about the steam punk genre. As a matter of fact, outside from our wonderful steam punk title Revolvers (which can be read through our main page) I have never read a steam punk title. Well, if there's one thing K has done, it has made me envious of all those who have had a chance to experience its fantastical Victorian world of frost-filled engines, guns, and machines. It has also lit a fire under my ass to find the title's creator Brent Martone an animator, because the thought of someone overlooking it simply because there are more words on the page than pictures makes me angry. AND YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY (I'm sorry I couldn't help myself). Still, I should mention that there is hope as the number of K's fans are continuing to grow. But, I for one am not content with such an amazing title simply playing second fiddle to the rest of our comics. No, I feel K deserves to be mentioned along with  our top titles. It also deserves to be recognized as exactly the type of experience we hope to deliver with our online novels. With that said, all this means nothing if I don't introduce you to the characters...well at least as how I see them :)

K: K is a boy genius who has invented some of most amazing mechanical feats of his time. He has the constant pressure of not only living up to his legendary reputation, but in surpassing it. K is also a "wanted" man, as the crown's police and/or military seeks his services whenever they are in a bind, which seems to be more often than he would like. 

Leftenant Sherman Rowle is a talented field alchemist, who is a member of the Coldstream Guards, which I assume is a portion of the military that involves alchemy. Rowle is also a well-mannered, well-intentioned officer, which ironically makes him extraordinary for the time. In the beginning of the story, Rowle's job is simply to escort K to London. But when he catches the attention of the celebrity prodigy, his life becomes a bit more complicated, and thus much more interesting :)


Huge Debut: 

The first part of Odessa: Issue Zero, titled "An Ugly Little War" posts on Wednesday May 25th. And as the title suggests, ITS GOING TO BE CRAZY!

Odessa: Issue Zero will detail all the events leading up to the first page of Odessa Issue one. So, if you have no clue what I'm talking about...GO LOOK AT IT! :) Issue zero will also shed some light into the origins of the Confederate Death Squad and the relationship between Sam and Ryan. It will also serve as a great bridge between issues 1-5 and issue 9, which should launch sometime in the fall.

Peace out!

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