frost-bit (poem)

Ashes form clouds over the snow covered ground,
that rain dreams of a man who has never been found,
who has never been searched for,
but who has watched himself drown,
while his friends fight back tears in hopes of holding him up.

But his heart is too heavy, 
and he has broken his crown,
so his nightmares spill out and take control of the world.

Now his mother's the queen, 
taking more than she gives,
parading around with the dreams that he often kept hidden.

And his soul's in the streets,
hungry and looking for shelter,
ready to sell its allegiance to the first one that helps.

But the first one's too nice, 
and next one's too mean,
but the third is just right, 
they only want him to scream,
they only want him to dance, 
they just don't want him to think,
because his thoughts would bring light to the illusions they use.

And yes, they need their illusions,
because they too were once lost,
until they found that no purpose was the purpose that works,

But the world's now a monster,
its walls are lined with his nightmares,
and recent pictures of his mother, the dysfunctional queen.

So now he wants to escape,
he tries his best to scream louder,
he tries his best to dance faster,
he tries his best to strut prouder,
but still his balance gives way to weight of his world.

Alas his demons catch up...
before his loved ones could find him.

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