INKBOT INVADES THE 2011 PHILLY CON ...and many other things :)

Hey Inkbots,

I want to thank you all for celebrating our one year anniversary with us. Our first annual, "Crisis on Infinite Inkbots" was a huge success. But, with great success comes great responsibility. Fortunately we wrote the book on being responsible...yeah, I don't know what that means either. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that thanks to you guys we no longer have to draw our comics on anyone's garage door, because we've now staked our place in the sand and built a site worthy of the world's attention.  

In case you missed it!
Two weeks ago we posted the sixth issue of Odessa titled "An Ugly Little War." A week ago we posted the newest update to Revolvers. Next week we're debuting a new online novel called "A Killers Tale." And every week we post updates to American Ambition, mallville, Womp, Allen Shrugged, and Genesis :)

The Beauty of Accessibility 
These past few months we have been trying to come up with ways to make our titles more accessible. I mean sure sitting in front of a screen all day is fun, but  there has to be another way to read web comics right? Well, as of today I am proud to announce that all of our weeklies have been converted to HTML format, which means that they can now be viewed on all of your digital devices. However, if an HTML viewer is just not your thing, then don't fret. The majority of our titles are also available for download through Which means that not only can you view your favorite inkbot title on a viewer especially designed for digital reading, but you can also own it!

This weekend (June 17,18, and 19) we will be present at the 2011 Philly Con! And just to give a taste of what you can expect ....

No wait, don't be offended. Allow me to explain. If you recognize this strip, or you are oddly amused by it, then you will be happy to know that  the American Ambition team will be premiering their insanely funny new book "This is not porn!" That's right! This is not porn (I love typing it) is a collection of all of American Ambition's most memorable strips, including a few that have yet to be released (well....depending on when you read this). 

Of course there will be other titles available for purchase along with LOTS OF FREE STUFF! So, don't be shy. Stop by table 728 and say hello :)

Philly Con Location & Schedule
This year's Philly Con will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on June 17,18, and 19. 
Below is a copy of our meet and greet schedule. 

Friday June 17th, 2011 (Table 728)
12- 5 pm:  Jan Velazquez & Christian Rubiano (Zomboy, Genesis, The Blue Bullet)

Saturday June 18th 2011 (Table 728)
10-1pm: Louie Chin & Christian Rubiano (Odessa, Womp)
1- 4 pm: Clay Graham & Gary Cohen (Revolvers, American Ambition, mallville)
4-7 pm:  Jan Velazquez & Brent Martone (Zomboy, Revolvers, American Ambition)  

Sunday June 18th 2011 (Table 728)
10-12pm: Louie Chin & Gary Cohen (Odessa, Womp, mallville)
12- 3pm: Brent Martone & Christian Rubiano (Revolvers, AA, Genesis, Odessa)
3-5pm: Clay Graham & Jan Velazquez (Revolvers, AA, Genesis, Zomboy)

We hope to see you there :)
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