New Title, Same Standard of Excellence

I'm proud to admit that we've gotten ourselves to a position where we have a legitimate pile of submissions to sort through after every convention. Unfortunately, more often than not, the piles consist of titles, that for various reasons, aren't a good fit for the site. Still, every so often we come across a gem, a title that's unlike anything we've ever seen or read. Well, I'm excited to say that on Wednesday, November 2nd, we will debut a title that is exactly that, a title so unique that we'd be crazy not to give it a platform. So, without further ado, here's the official description:

Makeshift cities exist on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas. The majority of these cities are inhabited and run by mysterious individuals who do not hesitate to use violence as a means for survival. Lambai is one of these cities.

We look forward to reading your feedback ;)
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